About Us

Our company name 'Organic Beauty' is exactly as it is stated, Organic Beauty!  Organic can be simply defined as a naturally derived organism of or having to do with a bodily organ.  We are ALL Organically Beautiful in a natural way (no artificial ingredients).  We feel that using naturally derived beauty products (not man-made) is the best way to take care of your biggest body organ (skin).  We do not in any way use any artificial ingredients in any of our Butters and Soaps.  We will ONLY purchase and use FAIR TRADE butters, coconut oil, and teas.  And in return, sell ONLY FAIR TRADE products to you.

It is important to us that we educate people on using natural beauty products, not only from Africa, but worldwide.  As an international trade company, we urge others to be aware and get involved in worldly issues so that we, as a humankind, can make a change.  By purchasing fair trade products, we not only help people in Africa, but we continue to educate one another, and in return look naturally beautiful...


Located in Miami, Florida, Organic Beauty and Cultural Products strives to keep our customers happy!