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100% Authentic African Black Soap and Shea Butter 

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Buy All Natural Hair Repair Below


JJs Joltified Hair and Scalp Tonic is sure to tingle your senses and provide a HUGE relief to dry, itchy, irritated scalps.  Not only does it provide relief, it clears up severe dandruff too.  You think that's it!  How about using it to promote hair growth as well?  Yes, you read it correctly, hair growth!  This hair oil penetrates deep into your hair shaft, while it stimulates your hair follicles, hence promotes growth.


This is a HEALTHY natural alternative to the expensive store-bought treatments that often use unnecessary, harmful chemicals to stabilize and scent the product.

*100% Vegan

*100% Natural 

Does not contain mineral oil, lanolin, proteins, silicones, artificial fragrances, dyes and/or parabens.

USAGE: Contains peppermint oil, so it will calm and cool your scalp on contact. It is not recommended to sit under a fan and/or air conditioned environment after applying JJs Joltified Hair Tonic. The best way to absorb the oil successfully is immediately upon washing your hair with one of our ALL Natural Shampoos, apply the tonic (using fingertips) in a circular motion to your scalp as your hair is still wet. This oil absorbs immediately into your scalp (IT WILL NOT LEAVE YOUR HAIR GREASY). After the oil has been applied to your scalp, allow water to run freely throughout the remainder of your hair. If you are able to, go sit in the sun and absorb the nutrients from the sun. 

This oil also relaxes you, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Enjoy!

There is no need to over do it, apply just enough, not too little and not too much, and at least twice a week. Guaranteed to work on those whom hair is NATURAL, not permed, etc...


100% NATURAL Ingredients Include: Organic Extra Virgin Unrefined Coconut Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Unrefined and Organic Argon, Black Castor and Hemp-Seed Oils, and Organic Essential Oil Blend.


Try it! It's sure to tingle your senses and provide a HUGE relief.


JJs Joltified Hair and Scalp Tonic packaged in a 2 oz. amber plastic bottle/flip top.


JJs Joltified Hair and Scalp Tonic 2 x 2 oz. amber plastic bottle(s)/flip top. (4 oz.)


JJs Joltified Hair and Scalp Tonic 4 x 2 oz. amber plastic bottle(s)/flip top. (8 oz.)




Add an all Natural Shampoo to your Order

Using one of our hand-made shampoos along with the hair tonic makes a great addition to your order. The combo will help those who are looking for all natural hair repair when it comes to hair loss, dry and itchiness, as well as severe to moderate dandruff. Made from traditional hand blending, our shampoos are sure to satisfy your needs. Our shampoos are free of alcohols, harmful sulfates, perfumes and preservatives.  Made by traditional hand blending, from pure natural ingredients and healing herbs, our shampoos have a healthy, rich, creamy lather which softens, and turns skin silky smooth.  

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