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Help Those in Need

BOTSHABELO (Do UBUNTU Orphan Bracelets)

Orphan bracelets are handcrafted by local South African woman living with HIV/AIDS using (lead free) copper, brass and aluminum wire.

Help those in need in Botshabelo South Africa. Please support!

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The Children of St. Michel De L'Attalaye, Haiti

Help the Children of St. Michel De L’Attalaye, Haiti wants to help children all around Haiti have a better life, help them shape their own futures, and help children to recognize and express their individual abilities, interests and talents. Please support!

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Marcia Faye Bent Foundation

Help those in need throughout the Caribbean and Africa. Non-Profit Organizations like the Marcia Faye Bent Foundation gladly donates food, clothing, school supplies and much more. Please support!

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Dreamcatchers for the Soul

DREAMCATCHERS FOR THE SOUL’S purpose is to empower, motivate, educate and inspire at risk youth/ young adults and to help them exemplify excellence in all areas of their lives. DREAMCATCHERS will also provide an environment where youth/young adults will become aware of their innate abilities and talents through education, arts and counseling services. Please support!

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